Handmade Mexican Sombrero Headband in Assorted Colors - Vibrant Fiesta Costume Accessory for Girls, Teens, and Women - One Size Fits Most

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Mexican Sombrero Headband! This adorable mini sombrero, handmade with care, is adorned with dazzling sequins and features strings for a secure fit on a comfortable headband. Each headband is unique and ships in assorted colors, adding an element of surprise and variety to your order.

Designed to fit girls, teens, and most women, this one-size headband is an ideal accessory for Mexican costumes or themed parties. Embrace the festive spirit and add a touch of Mexican flair to your outfit!

The hat itself measures 5 inches in diameter, while the headband is a slender 1/4 inch wide. With its vibrant colors and authentic handmade craftsmanship, this Mexican Sombrero Headband is a charming and eye-catching addition to any celebration. Let the fiesta begin in style with this delightful and unique accessory!

  • Made in Mexico
  • Ships in Assorted Colors