Mexican Party Fiesta Triangle Flags Plastic Papel Picado Banner 3 Color

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 Leos Imports Traditional (3 Pack) Mexican Party Fiesta Triangle banners, 3-Color Party Flag Picado Plastic Banners 25' long, mexican flag, cinco de mayo party banner

Our 3 Pack 3-Color Triangle Multicolor Plastic Picado Banner is a must-have for a Fiesta or Cinco de Mayo celebration. These banners can be used for any type of occasion and event. They contain beautiful and vibrant colors of red, white and green. These colors traditionally represent the colors of the Mexican flag.

These fiesta banners are made out of papel picado, and are perfect to use indoor and outdoor as they are resistible to any type of weather. These banners have triangles of multicolor sheets with assorted intricate Fiesta theme designs that are cut-out by hand.
Size of banner: Approx. 25' long 20 plastic panels per banner Size of each panel: Approx. 9.5" x 13" Each panel is hand-cut and sizes may vary.

These banners come in 3 Packs, they can be used to decorate as single banners or attach them together to make them longer and adjust as needed.