Mexican Shield Escudo Sarape Graduation Stole - Class of 2024 - Handmade in Mexico

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Celebrate your academic accomplishment with our Mexican Shield Sarape Graduation Stole. The iconic Mexican shield logo is gracefully cut in half, adorning both sides of the Stole for a centered and striking effect. Below the logo, "Class of 2024" is intricately embroidered.

Handmade and embroidered in Mexico, these graduation Stoles showcase the traditional sarape style, adding a unique and festive touch to your attire. Available in a spectrum of colors, you can choose the one that resonates with your personal style or represents your school colors.

Measuring an ample 41 1/2 inches on each side and fully extending to an impressive 82 1/2 inches, with a width of 5 inches and featuring fringes at the ends.

Ideal for any type of graduate. Beyond the ceremony, these versatile sashes can be used as decorative displays for graduate celebrations. 

The Escudo Nacional, of Mexico holds a profound history deeply rooted in Aztec mythology. The iconic image of an eagle perched on a cactus, clutching a serpent, symbolizes the founding of Tenochtitlán, the Aztec capital. Adopted officially in 1968, the shield also features laurel and oak branches, representing victory and strength, and signifies the unity between Europeans and Americans. 

  • Handmade in Mexico
  • 82 1/2" Length, 5" Width
  • Unisex, 100% Acrylic Fibers