Mexican Serape Blanket Rayado Design Saltillo Zarape XL 82" x 56"

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Looking for a Mexican Serape blanket with a twist? This is a traditional Mexican Serape blanket made in solid rayado designs. Leos Imports brings you vibrant, highly functional traditional and at the same time, very unique Saltillo Mexican Blankets!

  • Made in Mexico - Feel the vibrant colors of Mexico with this Mexican serape blanket with fringe edges. Each Mexican serape is uniquely woven by local artisans in the region of Tlaxcala Mexico.
  • Soft, Warm, and Cozy - Slumber in blissful comfort and softness with these multipurpose Mexican blankets. If you like to enjoy a good book or TV show in bed or on the couch, our Mexican throw blankets will keep you in warm company.
  • Colorful, Versatile Blankets - The color combination selection for each blankets is ideal to brighten and space of your home. You can use as Fiesta table decoration or backdrop, throw blanket, picnic blanket, or a very colorful yoga blanket.
  • Durable Material - Woven to a standard long durability, the acrylic fibers of our neon colors blanket, make the sarape to be of just the right thickness. Recommended to wash in cold water and hang dry.
  • Ideal Size - The Saltillo blanket measures 82" x 55" and features fringe edges on top and bottom