Mexican Puebla Rebozo Shawl with Floral Embroidery

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This Shawl is handmade by artisans in Puebla, Mexico. Rebozo shawls from Mexico are a long time tradition for women to wear for all occasions. Comes in different colors. The shawl has beautiful embroidered flowers in the middle and on the sides. Very comfortable! This beautiful Mexican Puebla Rebozo with floral embroidery can be worn around the shoulders as a shawl or scarf, but has many other uses as well. Additionally it can be used as blanket, bed throw, tablecloth, etc, adding fantastic color to any room. Measures 80 inches Long by 30 inches Wide including fringe. Flower designs may vary.

  • Made in Mexico - Made in the villages of Puebla, Mexico the basis of their economy is their embroidery. If you walk around the town, you can see women and men working with the embroidery by hand.
  • Vibrant Colors - Ideal to add something special to your attire. Perfect to style with any outfit and will keep you cozy through the cold weather. Embroidered with vivid colors.
  • Perfect for any occasion - wear it for that special occasion, work, weddings, quinceaneras, Mexican Independence Day, Día de Los Muertos, church, and many more!
  • Floral Embroidery - made with threads that are exquisitely combined with different techniques to create unique designs of high quality and soft textures that will make your shawl a unique piece.
  • Unique - Each shawl is uniquely made, colors and pattern may differ from the picture.