Ethnic Identity Authentic Mexican Poncho Virgen de Guadalupe Reversible Cobija Blanket (Green)

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Traditional Mexican Poncho Catholic Virgen de Guadalupe Unisex. The Mexican Guadalupe poncho is made in Tlaxcala, Mexico in 100% acrylic fibers. It is a One Size poncho that fits most teens and adults. The Mexican poncho gaban Guadalupe is medium weight and comfortable to wear. It is a pull on hand free poncho allowing you easy and mobility. The fully extended poncho measures 90" long (42" front & 42" back and 6 in fringe) and 40" wide for a comfortable fit.


  • Made in Mexico - The traditional Mexican poncho Guadalupe Pancho is made in Tlaxcala, Mexico by Mexican pancho and blanket makers
  • Unisex Poncho - The poncho gaban is a pull on poncho with a V neck opening that looks gonod on men and women. 
  • Reversible - As an option, the Mexican blanket poncho can be worn on the reverse side
  • Warm and Comfortable - This 100% acrylic fibers Mexican poncho is very warm, like wearing a blanket.