Mexican Poncho Aztec Warrior

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Mexican Blanket Poncho Cobija Unisex Reversible Aztec Warrior. The fully extended poncho measures 90" long and 40" wide for a comfortable fit. The poncho is made in acrylic blend. Comfortable and warm. The front of the poncho features an Aztec warrior, the back of the poncho features the sacrifice. The poncho is also reversible. Small print variations may occur. 


The story of the Mexican Volcanoes is displayed on this poncho, the Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl with the Aztec or Mejica warrior carring the dead princess.


  • Made in Mexico - This traditional Mexican warm poncho is made in Mexico. The composition is in 100% acrylic fibers.
  • Unisex - The Mexican gaban poncho looks great on men and women alike.