Mexican Handmade Alebrije Luchador Wrestling Mask- Adult Unisex One Size fit

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Imported directly from Mexico and crafted with care, these masks are available in three unique designs.
Choose from three distinct designs, allowing you to express your individuality and embrace the unique storytelling inherent in each mask.
Made from a blend of 80% polyester and 20% lycra, these masks ensure durability, comfort, and flexibility for various activities.

Featuring a lace-up design in the back, these masks offer a customized fit for adults, providing comfort during prolonged use.
Enhancing visibility and breathability, the mesh eye holes add a practical touch to these masks, making them suitable for a range of activities.

Enjoy prolonged wear without discomfort – these masks are breathable and lightweight, ensuring a pleasant experience during any event.

Elevate your attire for cosplay, wrestling matches, Halloween festivities, parties, and more, all while experiencing the comfort of a breathable and lightweight mask.

  • Handmade in Mexico by detailed Artisans
  • Made out of 80% Polyester and 20% lycra for comfortable fit
  • Adult Unisex fit, Can fit Young adults and teens