Mexican Extra Long Heavy Blanket 90"x62" (Black)

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Carbonera Heavy Mexican Blanket – a cultural masterpiece from Tlaxcala. Hand-woven with precision, it showcases Mexico's heritage, warmth, and beauty.

Crafted from premium Mexican acrylic fibers, it offers both durability and warmth. Its intricate patterns and vibrant colors tell the story of Mexico's rich culture.

This multi-purpose blanket is ideal for yoga, camping, sports, or room decoration. Dimensions: 90" x 62".

Support Tlaxcalan artisans and embrace Mexico's warmth and culture with our Carbonera Heavy Mexican Blanket.

  • Handwoven in Tlaxcala, Mexico
  • 90"x 62" blanket
  • 199% acrylic fibers
  • Machine wash in cold water; hang dry