Mexican Maracas 3 Color Set - Vibrant Fiesta Decorations for Lively Celebrations

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Mexican Maracas 3 Color set - a delightful addition to your celebrations. Each maraca measures 6" in length and is hand-painted in vibrant traditional Mexican colors of red, white, and green, adding a festive touch to your party.

Bring the spirit of Mexico to your fiesta theme party with these decorative maracas. Whether it's a birthday, wedding, or any joyful occasion, these maracas will infuse your event with authentic Mexican charm.

Perfect as fiesta party supplies and decorations, these Mexican Maracas 3 Color set will captivate your guests and ignite the joy of celebration. Create a lively atmosphere with their rhythmic sounds and colorful appearance.

Add a touch of cultural flair to your fiesta theme party and celebrate in style with these beautifully crafted maracas. Embrace the essence of Mexico's rich heritage and let the festivities come alive with the Mexican Maracas 3 Color set.

  • Set of Mexican Maracas in 3 vibrant colors - red, white, and green.
  • Each maraca measures 6" in length, perfect for a comfortable grip and lively play.
  • Hand-painted with traditional Mexican colors, adding authentic charm to your fiesta.
  • Ideal fiesta decorations for themed parties and celebrations.
  • Not for music performances.