Traditional Mexican Poncho Pancho Cobija Blanket Lucha Libre Luchadores Clasicos El Santo Blue Demon For Men and Women Unisex One Size Black, Gaban Mexicano Negro

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Traditional Mexican pancho unisex poncho Lucha Libre design. This Mexican poncho is made in 100% acrylic fibers and has fringe edges. It is warm, comfortable and just the right weight. It is a One Size unisex and looks good on women and men.

The Traditional Mexican pancho poncho has a Mexican luchador lucha libre design that features two of Mexico's well known luchadores, El Santo and Blue Demon. Lucha libre wrestling is part of the Mexican culture.

This warm Mexican poncho measures 42" wide and 45" from shoulder to fringe. It is a pull on, hands free poncho that allows mobility. This is the newest design in this style of Mexican ponchos.

These Mexican ponchos for men panchos are ideal to wear around t


100% Acrylic Fibers - The Lucha libre Mexican poncho is made in 100% acrylic fibers, a warm and soft medium weight pancho unisex that look great on men and women.

Care Instructions: The poncho can be machine wash, but it is preferred to wash by hand and hang dry as needed. Do not use bleach. If you need to use the dryer, use air dry.


Made in Mexico - The poncho is made in Tlaxcala, Mexico, a very well known region for traditional Mexican Ponchos and the capital textiles and Mexican blankets

Warm and Comfortable - The poncho is made in 100% acrylic fibers, making warm, comfortable, and just the right weight. The Mexican pancho is a pull on hands free poncho.

Hands Free Poncho - This Mexican poncho is a pull on poncho with V-neck and no sleeves. It is ideal to work outside as it allows mobility while keeping you warm.