ASA Mexican Loteria Bingo Assorted Shopping Bag Reusable Washable | Multicolored

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Indulge in the spirit of Mexican culture with our Assorted Shopping Bag inspired by Loteria Bingo. Each bag, measuring 16" x 14" (excluding the top handle), is a celebration of tradition and modern convenience.

Crafted from woven poly mesh, our bags are designed to withstand the test of time. The double top plastic handle and reinforced double shoulder straps (approximately 9 inches) ensure durability and comfort as you carry your items.

These mercado shopping bags are adorned with iconic Loteria cards, including el borracho, la dama, el diablito, el catrin, la rosa, la chalupa, la estrella, and el sol, among others. Each bag is a unique combination of these vibrant and vivid images.

Purchase these bags individually, in 3 Packs, 5 Packs and even 10 Packs!

Order now and embrace a piece of Mexico's heritage as you navigate your daily errands. Whether you're strolling through the mercado, heading to the beach, or simply adding a touch of vibrancy to your routine, these bags promise to be a cherished accessory that celebrates the joy and beauty of Mexican tradition.

  • Authentic Mexican Craftsmanship: Our Loteria Mesh Bags are proudly made in Mexico, showcasing the country's rich heritage and skilled craftsmanship, ensuring an authentic touch to your everyday life.

  • Multicolored Variety: Each bag boasts a vibrant multicolored design, featuring different Loteria card-inspired patterns, adding a delightful and colorful flair to your storage needs.

  • Assorted Packs for Versatility: Available in 1-unit, 3-pack, 5-pack, and 10-pack options, these bags offer versatility to suit various organization and gifting needs, making them a stylish and practical addition to your collection.