Mexican Mercado Mesh Bag | Reusable Shopping Bag | Frida Kahlo Design | Eco-Friendly | Random Color

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Mexican Mercado Mesh Bag, a versatile and eco-friendly reusable shopping bag designed for your convenience. With its eye-catching Frida Kahlo design and random color variations, each bag is a unique and stylish accessory. Measuring 18" x 18", it offers ample space for all your shopping needs.

Made from recycled bottles, this market bag promotes sustainability and reduces plastic waste. Its mesh construction allows for breathability, making it ideal for carrying fresh produce and keeping your items fresh. The double reinforced handles ensure durability and comfortable carrying, even when the bag is filled with groceries or other essentials.

Embrace the functionality of this reusable market tote, perfect for shopping trips, visits to the farmer's market, or carrying your groceries in style. Its sturdy construction and ample capacity make it a reliable companion for all your shopping needs.

Upgrade to reusable grocery tote bags and make a positive impact on the environment. Our Mexican Mercado Mesh Bag combines style and sustainability, celebrating the spirit of Frida Kahlo while providing a practical solution for your daily shopping


  • Eco-friendly reusable shopping bag made from recycled bottles
  • Eye-catching Frida Kahlo design in a random color variation
  • Double reinforced handles for durability and comfortable carrying
  • Common uses include grocery shopping, trips to the farmer's market, and carrying essentials in style